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When They Try To Silence You

People struggle with truth, accuracy, and accountability. They are also afraid to hear the truth because it might not follow the narrative they WANT to hear and WANT to follow.

With that, today, I’m on a mission to share our story because no one in Family Law wants to hear the truth of what not just what my husband has been put through which to be honest, has been traumatizing for him, but also what everyone affiliated with him went through as well.

Though yes, family court is between the mother and father, but at the end of the day, way more people on my husband’s side of the family have been truly affected by this due to the colluding that took place.

And regardless of what my stepson’s Guardian Ad Litem told me that I had no right to share my story, I have reached out to therapists as well as other legal advisors. They all confirmed that I have every right to share my story as this wasn't just a way to help with coping or for what my husband was put through, but to also help others who are going through similar situations.

I won't remain silent and keep this all inside. It's also not healthy to bottle this all up inside. I want to and I know I need to share this story with others.

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