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About Us

My name is Victoria Alexandra and back in August of 2022, I married my best friend, Michael, and became a stepmom. Though everything seemed great at first, my husband and I did not realize what was about to happen just because we got married. 

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Our Story

My husband, Michael, and I got engaged on Good Friday of 2022. When we shared the news with our families, everyone was so excited, including my future stepson. However, 2 weeks after we got engaged, my husband was served over living arrangements. Coincidence? We didn't think so.


We planned on getting married in August, so while planning a wedding, we were looking for a house. Thankfully, God was on our side and the night before the court date, our offer was accepted on a beautiful home, so my husband's ex did not win FULL Custody as she hoped.


3 weeks into our marriage though, the colluding started. This involved my husband's ex, her lawyer, and stepson.


Our story of the colluding started with the blue notebook you see below.






It was a blue notebook that had real life events but twisted to make everyone on my husband's side of the family look bad. Knowing more about my husband's ex as an outsider, I knew the types of things she did and was capable of. At this moment, I knew we had to start documenting and recording our lives. Did I want to document my life? Who would?! I most certainly didn't but it was a gut feeling I had inside and knew we had to stick with it. And I'm glad I did based on the story I will share in my podcast series.

We believe that this all started for multiple reason.

1. My husband's ex is toxic. She was not happy that he was getting remarried after ten years, but also for the fact that her son loved me as well. I will give examples of what it's like to be around a toxic ex, what it's like to be around one that causes parental alienation and one that is in your own home without permission because they are in the child's ears 24/7.

2. The difference between my husband and his ex is also having structure, discipline, and basic rules for children. And when one parent lets the child do whatever and not have consequences, that child is going to pick the FUN parent, and claim the other parent has a strict household and is a "House of Hell".

Using my Paralegal background, I am on a mission, today, to tell our story of what we've gone through in just the first year of marriage. But I am also on a mission to have those wrongly accused be heard. For them to have a voice and share their story when the lawyers, family relations, and the court system don't seem to want to listen.

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