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Don't Stay Calm



Every time an alienating parent tells a child how horrible the other parent is; that parent also tells that child that half of him/her is horrible.

P.A. is emotional and mental abuse.

The hated parent is all BAD and the loved parent is all GOOD. Everything is WRONG with the hated parent, but the good parent is always PERFECT.

Does the child actively avoid, resist, or refuse a relationship with you?

Did you once have a prior POSTIVIE relationship with the child? 

Was there absence of abuse or neglect or seriously deficient parenting on part of the now rejected parent, you?

Are multiple alienating behaviors being used by the favored parent?

There are 11 Common Alienating Behaviors that I will be discussing throughout my podcast series and will be giving examples of what we dealt with firsthand.

Common Alienating Behaviors

  1. Badmouthing the target parent

  2. Telling the child the target parent is dangerous or sick

  3. Saying the target parent does not love the child

  4. Confiding in the child about the marriage

  5. Confiding in the child about legal issues

  6. Badmouthing the extended family of the target parent

  7. Limiting the child's contact with the other parent

  8. Interfering with communication between the child and the other parent

  9. Forcing the child to reject the target parent

  10. Undermining the target parent's authority

  11. Badmouthing the target parent to authorities

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