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The Trial

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

On Friday, 2/10 the Motion for Full Custody yet again was denied to my husband’s ex. As I mentioned in the last blog, my husband was accused of child abuse and harming his son. But thankfully with the video and all the witnesses, it was clear to the courts and eventually the CT Police that nothing happened.

Prior to the trial, I spoke with the Police with my husband and even one of the witnesses, the mother of the other 5 children, gave her statement to the police as well.

This was a very long trial, so this blog will just be a summary of what happened throughout. I will share a more in-depth version at a different time. So don’t worry because this was a MAJOR event that took place, and what happened will be told.

While at the trial though, we found out that:

  • The opposing party only had a picture of this bruise.

  • The opposing party didn’t bring any witnesses to the table to testify.

  • The opposing party didn’t have anything from a doctor’s office after my stepson should have gotten examined to see if the child abuse really did happen.

  • The opposing party didn’t find it too serious of an issue for my stepson to stay with us up until Wednesday when he told his mom about this on Sunday.

  • The opposing party didn’t put the text messages into evidence to show the communication between mother and child.

  • We were the only ones that brought in all the evidence and witnesses to show that the abuse didn’t happen.

While at the trial we also found out a couple things while I was on the stand. It wasn’t until I put the pieces together later that it made me realize how much they were all involved in the colluding. As I was being questioned, her lawyer mentioned:

  • That the withholding of food started the beginning of September (yet the court order to serve my husband with said it started in October, but now she’s saying beginning of September)

  • That there was a thermostat in the child’s room (which I didn’t realize was the case until I went home later that day and found it – so instead of co-parenting like they were court ordered too, they are undermining him yet again as an “I got you” moment.)

While my husband’s ex-wife was on the stand before me and my husband, she stated it was a very vague conversation and not much was said, but only it had to do with hula hoops and that his dad physically abused him. However, we found out later that it looked like the child abuse didn’t happen and that my stepson and his mom didn’t text at all that day. And what’s even more interesting is when we looked at our phone bill and show the Verizon Message Logs, there were over 100 messages that were deleted between the Sunday – Wednesday morning. So, what were they hiding? What was really said? I’m sure people can agree with me that if something this serious happened, you would put it into evidence, right? But instead, they deleted the conversation, or on my stepson’s phone they did. We never saw my husband’s ex-wife’s phone, but I’m curious if she even deleted all or just some of the messages as well. They were definitely covering up something though and trying to get away with it. And because they deleted the messages, we can’t charge her criminally for falsifying a crime to the police.

As shared, the court on Friday saw that no abuse took place either. We felt bad that the church became a part of this accusation as well as the family involved, especially because they are a wonderful and sweet family who love getting together with my stepson. So, when the abuse was cleared, his ex-wife stated plainly to their son and him that she believed that the child abuse had happened and no evidence to the contrary was presented. This was a delusion and/or gaslighting. There was evidence and there were even plenty of witnesses as well. But it came to the point that she said was determined it happened. After this incident, my stepson didn’t care for his friends anymore that participated in the fun activity of hula hoops that was all on film. And we know he stopped caring about them shortly after from text messages he sent to me. We were wondering if he no longer wanted to be friends with them because they didn’t side with him and say that the abuse happened. It’s sadly just like his grandparents who didn’t side with him on it either that he started to not care for them.

Unfortunately, my husband’s ex-wife hasn’t seemed to learn her lesson when she loses in court even when she’s taken him 3 times in the last 9 months with baseless allegations. So, after the court hearing, our fears were realized that Sunday morning when we tried to pick up my stepson. He did come to the door though, fully dressed and seemed ready to go. He said something along the lines of "I only got dressed to come down and let you know that I'm not feeling well." I said "That's ok. If you're not up for church today, then you can come home and just rest in your room." He walked off and then talked to his mom out of earshot. Then he came back and said that he wasn’t feeling well. My husband encouraged him and then he walked over to his mom again. After 2 or 3 times of this same thing, my husband’s ex-wife came out and said that their son doesn't want to go. This was something we started to deal with. More days being eliminated from my husband’s custody and no one wanting to help him file a Motion of Contempt.

After the court hearing and my stepson not wanting to come with us, my husband ex-wife texted him saying, "There is no proof that you did not hurt him by showing a video that is only 2 minutes of a much longer time period in the church with the hula hoops."

The length of the video was how long the hula hoop activity was. Plus, as I kept stating that day that there were at least 10 witnesses the WHOLE time. I’m sorry to say this, but his ex-wife really seemed delusional if she still believed that the court, police, and DCF didn’t know what they were doing when they made their ruling. For some reason, she didn’t want to accept the truth that it didn’t happen even after her and her lawyer watched the videos in court with everyone else. This was creating more strife between the two households.

And since they lost the child abuse case, there wasn’t that much left on the DCF List that they could claim except Sexual Abuse or the child becoming suicidal. We figured it would be something more major than just another minor incident as they escalated things to the point of no return. We had cameras ready for whatever they were going to claim next. I sometimes wish when I was on the stand that I mentioned those two options, but we didn’t have enough time to say everything anyways just because of how much there was to discuss from our side of the story in general. However, at the end of the day, I knew it was going to be one of those two and turns out…they picked one of them. Can you guess which one?

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