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Spanish Class

To be honest, because my stepson has been living with only his mom for over a year now, there hasn’t been much drama or stress as the months continue to go on. But as I said, it’s because he has just been with his mom this whole time. So, he no longer needs to be on his phone 24/7 to communicate with his mom half the week. The brainwash was a success. To this day he still won’t talk to anyone on his father’s side of the family. Doesn’t matter the person, you no longer exist.  


Though the blogs might be dying down, there will always be something happening. Even if it’s with my podcast I will be starting soon.


School hasn’t been an issue for a while, but yesterday, we did hear from his Spanish teacher. This teacher has reached out before in the past about the different types of behaviors my stepson has.


Yesterday, she reached out to us about how he was misbehaving. Nothing serious where there had to be a safety plan, but I guess there was enough of it, the teacher needed to reach out.


The class was trying to work on their final project today and she was delivering project notes and times so the students had them. My stepson was sitting at a table with three of his classmates, but the teacher had to go over to the table to get the group back on track as they were not listening to instructions. The other three peers took the advice, but my stepson continued to chat with one peer in particular, talking about Xbox and other things unrelated to our project. 


Due to this, he had to get his seat moved to another table, but by doing this, he became upset and decided to not partake in the assignment at all. While he was at another table, the teacher started to hear breaking sounds but when she asked my stepson if he was breaking anything, he said no.


With this behavior not improving, the Spanish teacher asked the principal to speak to him.


Let’s hope these issues are starting up again because it’s getting toward the end of the school year. Let’s hope they are not because one of us tried to reach out to him, or his mom ended up telling him something that is making him misbehave now. The truth came out and my stepson did lie to his teacher because he told the principal he was in fact breaking a pencil under the desk due to being bored. The principal spoke to him about needing to focus these last few weeks of school. The principal also mentioned that my stepson could not take away from the learning time of others. The teacher and principal hoped that my stepson would be able to join class tomorrow with a fresh focus and begin his final project. 


My husband’s ex-wife replied back saying thank you for letting them know and that she would speak to him about this.


Before we could reply back, the teacher got back to my husband’s ex-wife by saying thank you for the at-home support and looked forward to a stronger day tomorrow.


The next day came. Today.


My husband finally reached out thanking the teacher as well for sharing and hoping today would be a better day too. He also asked his ex-wife what she found out from their son. She responded and said that he was bored in class and broke a pencil. She mentioned that there was no further concern or contact from any school staff about this after the principal spoke to him. Then, she mentioned that she reminded their son of the importance of respecting every teacher and following rules at school.


However, my stepson did not even listen to his mother. But would he since he’s always been the one in control?


We received another email from the Spanish teacher.


Unfortunately, my stepson was not productive in class again. He was putting his head down, and when the teacher asked him to pick his head up, he did but then pulled the shirt over his head. He then put his head down again and closed his eyes. According to the teacher, he was looking so tired so at that point she called the nurse and he remained there for the duration of class. 


I don’t blame the teacher for then questioning what is going on here. And though there are just a few weeks left of school, there is still a lot to be done.


The teacher did state that if there was any information that either parent might want to share to help figure out what it wrong, to please do. However, we can’t really say much on our end due to the situation we were all put in. So, in this case, this just leaves his mother and all she’ll ever say is “Everything is perfectly fine. Nothing to worry about.”


Sane people would know if something were wrong when keep hearing a parent say that, but in reality, after seeing the truth, knows that it’s not the case. My poor stepson is completely brainwashed that she has won. She got her possession.


And though my husband might have lost his son through this, she at least did not succeed with having myself and him get a divorce because we were all aware that she tried to sabotage every relationship my husband had to ruin him.


I hope in the coming weeks, my stepson can do good in school and not have any more issues, but at the same time who knows.


Especially with though it’s not school related, we found out from June 18 – 22 he is going to see his family in Georgia…finally. What’s going to happen if they ask how his dad is, or even grandparents? Because though this family is my husband’s ex-wife’s family, they are actually good people who have gone through things as well.


Will there be a trigger? Will he say we no longer exist? Will he claim all the false accusations that are now a reality in his mind from all the brainwashing?


All I can do is continue to pray, hope that he comes around one day, and can break away from his mother’s influence or else there won’t be much hope.

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