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Since March 1st

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The first 20 blogs were everything we were put through while my stepson lived with us.

The next series of blogs will be everything we’ve dealt with after he confessed to the colluding and everyone saying he was safer at his mom’s house.

You will see though he might be “safer” at his mom’s house, that my stepson will become more and more isolated as well as alienated from all of us. These blogs will be things from going on trips, to Father’s Day, to blocking more friends on our side of the family, to phone records, and to even getting rid of my husband’s lawyer. Again, it might sound crazy, but this isn’t even everything. If so, it would have to be put into a book.

There are at least 10 other things I can think of at this very moment that I did not talk about, but I will at another point as they are just as important for people to understand the types of things that can happen when you are dealing with a toxic ex and Parental Alienation. But Parental Alienation is a real thing that is happening all around the world, and I have seen it firsthand as an outsider to the family and then as a stepmom.

And as you make your way through reading what else we’ve been dealing with; I will finally be launching my podcast series that will focus on the common behaviors of Parental Alienation and interviewing those who went through similar situations as well.

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