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School Concerns

Updated: Feb 15

Throughout all this, my stepson started to have issues during school. On 10/27/23 we received an email from his Spanish teacher in regard to how he’s been in class.


He did not finish his project on family & pet vocabulary even after all the prep work that was provided to help stay on track. He said at one point he had a draft, but when time to hand it in he shared that he didn’t. The teacher stated that she spoke to my stepson about joining her for lunch as this was a large project and it would have a big impact on his grade. He will now earn partial credit. She advised that if there were any questions or any information that might help better understand this situation.


My husband’s ex-wife’s response was “Okay, thank you.”


My husband’s response was stating what has been going on and why he might not want to finish the project due to half his family being alienated from him.


The Spanish teacher appreciated feedback from my husband as she was not aware of what was going on and was going to work with my stepson to see if he wanted to do a different project.


However, by 11/17/23, we heard from the Spanish teacher again.


Spanish teacher advised my husband and his ex that she still has concerns about their son’s lack of effort in class but also regarding his behavior and willingness to connect in the class. She stated that often their son will have his head on his desk, be unresponsive to the teacher if she asks if he's alright or ignores her requests to take his head off his desk. She claims that he seems to isolate himself from others and does not turn in assignments and does not seek the feedback he did last year. Students in the class have also expressed to the teacher the comments he says make them uncomfortable. She agreed with them that certain things my stepson says do not belong in an 8th grade classroom. With this being the second time, she reached out, she asked for a meeting with her and the principal.  Both parents agreed to meet but Michael mentioned meeting separately would be better. My husband’s ex sat down with them on 11/22/23. My husband sat down with the school on 11/27/23. The school was surprised to hear everything that had been going on and they stated that my stepson’s mom shared that everything is perfectly fine and normal. So, along the lines of “nothing to report here.”


We thought that would be it, but on 12/18/23 the school reached out again, but this time, his Science class. The teacher advised that my stepson owed 2 assignments. She shared that they were supposed to be submitting the week before and she reminded him today. The teacher also has him for study hall and asked for him to work on them. My stepson told her that he didn’t want to, so he sat for most of the period not being productive. Since he does not live with us anymore, we have no idea if his mother did talk to him or not. I just hope that he did finish the assignments even if it was for partial credit.


After all of this, on 1/5/24, my husband’s ex replied to an email chain claiming that my stepson is still thriving in all aspects of life (ex: school and with family). We could see since October that he is not thriving in school. We also knew he was not thriving with family. If he was then he would be back with his father’s side of the family half the week and remember all the positive relationships he once had with not only his father, but anyone affiliated with his father.


We are curious to how this evaluation will turn out with the Behavioral Specialist and if anything on there will show that it is concerning that my stepson’s mom doesn’t see anything wrong here.

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