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Wednesday, February 14, 2024. Valentine’s Day. Pretrial Day.


The Pretrial was held virtual and it consisted of my husband, his ex-wife, her lawyer, the G.A.L., and Family Relations.


During this Pretrial, everything was presented, and everyone agreed, but of course my husband’s ex-wife.


And to share, I was correct with the different types of things she was going to try to claim when it came to things being perfectly fine and everything going great. Just like I mentioned to my husband, she tried to claim that their son had been a part of activities and that he is thriving in school. Prior to Monday, February 5th when the Evaluation came out and the Recommendations, my stepson wasn’t really doing much but guitar lessons. So, yet again, she was trying to cover things up to make it look like their son had been doing things for a while.


The G.A.L. put my husband’s ex-wife on the spot when she said that their son was NOT thriving in school. She stated she spoke with the principal and his grades are flat and he’s failing a class.


Another interesting thing was that her lawyer did not know about the Behavioral Evaluation. So, the two of them definitely were not fully prepared for the pretrial. Michael didn’t understand how her lawyer didn’t know about it. I shared with him that her lawyer wasn’t a part of the email chain which means his ex-wife never sent it over to her to see as well.


There were a lot of claims that my husband’s ex-wife tried to state, however, at the end of the day, even Family Relations agreed with the G.A.L.’s recommendations.


So, shocker…my husband’s ex-wife AGREED! And though she agreed verbally, our question is: will she still sign the agreement when they receive it since the pretrial was virtual, or will she decide to change her mind and delay things even more?


We are hoping she doesn’t try to change her mind because if she is smart, she would know it would just make her look bad if she comes back saying she doesn’t agree. Especially when everyone else does and care about the mental well-being of my stepson. And if she did rebut her previous agreement, it would just show that she is committing negligence, which is a form of child abuse, and doesn’t care about her son’s mental state. But she’s been very good at stalling things in the past which is why all the colluding is irrelevant to the courts and why we won’t be receiving the over $50,000 we lost in court for being wrongly accused.


As we sit and wait for the paperwork to come in for everyone to sign, or if anything else comes up, I would like to share that I will be releasing Season 1 of my Podcast series as well as presenting court cases in all 50 states that relate to Parental Alienation…starting with court cases in CT.


Let’s see if she ends up keeping up with her verbal agreement, or if she will keep trying to stall to make everything even more irrelevant. And if that’s the case, then again, she’s neglecting the well-being of a child which is considered child abuse.

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