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Phone Records

Even without my stepson living us, we were still dealing with so much stress and drama that we were overwhelmed…burnt out.


Near the end of June, we were finally going to receive the phone records, but also after everything that happened with Father’s Day, we wanted to get away.


Have you ever been on a vacation before and you just didn’t want it ot end because the fantasy would disappear and reality would creep back in? That’s exactly how we felt and we were gone for five days down in Gettysburg. It was a wonderful trip though and though we were going back to reality, we had some positive to look forward to….the phone records….or so we thought.


As everyone is aware, my stepson deleted over 100 messages of the so-called child abuse that they claimed happened at our church. We were hoping we could finally see what was said, however, something for you all to consider to phone companies only keep 3 months of records.


To this day, we still don’t fully know what was said. We wanted to phone records right away. As in… March 1st right away when he confessed to the colluding. However, even though it was my husband’s phone, and NOT my stepson’s, they wouldn’t let my husband get it back. They claimed that it would have made my stepson even more unstable if we took it back. We still aren’t sure how it could have made him more unstable especially as I’ve shared before, he never used this phone because he had the secret phone. To this day, we still can’t get the phone back so we can save money on it as we are still paying for it.


So, we get back from our trip and reality struck when yet again, we felt defeated to not receive the text messages in June of 2023. We still don’t know why my husband’s lawyer waited s long as she did for the phone company to get served. I’m sure my stepson, his mom, and her lawyer were happy we didn’t receive them. It just meant that they would keep getting away with a crime of falsifying a statement to the police.


With not receiving the text message, it devastated not just me, but really my husband. To not know what was really said is aggravating. He almost went to prison for being wrongly accused of this crime. And though, yes, DCF, the judge, and police cleared him, in the end, my husband wanted justice to criminally charge his ex. But even the police said they couldn’t do anything really without the text messages.


We did have probable cause, but it still wasn’t enough. In the end, we, along with the other witnesses, know it didn’t happen. We have the trial transcript that show my husband’s ex saying it was a vague conversation. We have picture of my stepson’s phone of the conversation between never taking place during those days. But we also have phone records of at least the call/text data to show that there were 100 messages deleted regardless of what they try to claim. And though the police said they saw the conversation between the two, we are wondering after the fact if they show all 100 messages that were deleted. Again, to this day we will never know.


Receiving those text messages was supposed to be that final piece of the puzzle. To this day, it feels like this puzzle isn’t complete, and we don’t know when it will be complete or if we try to just complete it ourselves. How would we do that? I’m not sure.


We are still surprised that we couldn’t get the deleted messages. You see it all the time on tv shows that they are able to retrieve phone records with no problem.


All in all, we were disappointed, but there is a reason for everything….right? In this case, it doesn’t seem like it, but maybe there is.


We at least know at the end of the day that this abuse, or anything that my husband or anyone affiliated with him so-called “did”, was falsified and we were all WRONGLY ACCUSED.

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