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Out of the Program

Updated: Jun 3

As of Monday, May 6, 2024, my stepson graduated from the Intensive Outpatient Program. We still don’t know much just that he has made good progress in highlighting issues to be addressed as well as he understands and knows that he needs to keep working on for his overall health.


With that, he is back to private therapy. This time, we at least got a list of places referred by the I.O.P. instead of just my husband’s ex-wife finding people that must likely suit her.


There were two on to the list that they agreed too. They ended up not hearing back from one, so there was only one left. And this therapist is right down the road from our house…literally…


I’m not kidding! Right at the end of our street! 2 minutes away!


From what we saw about this therapist, she has 20+ years of experience and is also a Guadian Ad Litem. The I.O.P. refers many children to her after completely the program. This made us feel better inside. We still can’t believe out of all the places; she is right down the street from us.


The one thing we are curious of is how my stepson will be while driving to and from there with his mom. I say this because there are only two ways to go. One way is going past our house (which is the longer way for them to travel), and the other way is pass our church. The church that had the fabricated child abuse.


Where my stepson is mentally, we will see if either way of driving to this therapist will cause any triggers and if any safety plans would have to be created.


He starts this new therapist on Saturday, May 11, 2024.


And though he is starting this new therapist, there has been no word on the reunification therapy even though it is a court order.

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