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Not Spoken To…

In the last blog I talked about how the G.A.L. spoke about the reunification therapy starting up again.

What is funny about this is the G.A.L. did not even talk to the reunification therapist prior to even the Final Order being entered into court.


On April 11, 2024, my husband reached out to the reunification therapist. He cc’d his ex-wife on the email and stated that: “it is my understanding that our son’s Guardian Ad Litem has been speaking with you intermittently regarding restarting reunification therapy with him and myself.” He shared that their son was in the IOP program and that the lead therapist though it would be some value to restart the therapy.


The one thing I will share that I did not share in the last blog was that the therapist at the IOP was unfamiliar with what the reunification therapy would entail. I find this funny as well since she said it would be great to start it up again. How can you suggest starting something up again if you don’t even know what it is?


The reunification therapist let my husband and his ex-wife know that she had not spoken to the G.A.L. in a while. What a surprise some might think, but by now, not really. The G.A.L. never even interviewed the people she was supposed to. The reunification therapist made the point that since she had not seen the family since November 2023, she couldn’t make any recommendations on whether it is clinically appropriate or not for this type of therapy.  A lot more has happened since November 6, 2023, including the Behavioral Evaluation and issues with school. The reunification therapist did state that the current therapist could ask questions, but a Release of Information would need to be signed.


My husband of course agreed to signing the form, but he also wanted to share in the email that he found it very disappointing to hear that the G.A.L. had not been in recent contact with her like she stated she had been to everyone. He informed her that it became an order of the court for us to re-engage in reunification therapy, so my husband shared he was very surprised that it wasn't discussed with her prior to it becoming recommendations of the Guardian Ad Litem.


My husband’s ex-wife even agreed to signing the release form as well. Which is also surprising. We will see what comes out of all of this and if this reunification therapy even happens or not.


Let’s be hopeful that my stepson can be at the Intensive Outpatient Program longer than a month and can go the 6 – 8 weeks that insurance gives.

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