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Finally Signed - But is it really over?

This blog will be a little different today. I’m going to describe the events that have occurred more as a timeline.


On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, my husband’s ex-wife FINALLY called Natchaug and scheduled an appointment their son on March 7, 2024. She shared it was the earliest they had. However, February 12th was the earliest, she just decided to delay the process.


Monday, March 4, 2024, his ex-wife FINALLY signed the forms. My husband signed them on March 8, 2024, since he had to go to the bank to get one of the forms notarized due to not having a lawyer anymore. This is a tip for others that might not have the money to afford a lawyer.


March 7th, my stepson had his intake at Natchaug. That same day, my husband, his ex, and G.A.L. received a phone call from the school regarding a poem he wrote for the school poetry slam. There were concerning nature of several pieces of it. 


Friday, March 8, 2024, my husband reached out to the school. The school psychologist shared that apparently my stepson came off as defensive until he realized that it wasn’t the psychologist’s job to institute discipline. He said that his words about drinking and smoking and cutting himself were fiction, and that she couldn’t prove otherwise.


Monday, March 11, 2024, my stepson started with Natchaug.


But also on Monday, March 11, 2024, my husband had his intake with Natchaug. This is where it gets very interesting. My husband found out from the doctor that my stepson and his mom told him YET AGAIN that everything was perfectly fine and that they had no idea why my stepson had to be there and that there was no need. I couldn’t believe this!! Are they really that delusional that they think people will still believe them and the story they are trying to narrate?


Due to this, my husband has to fill in ALL the blanks with the summary that you all have read (plus a few extra things, I’m saving to share at a different time. The doctor understood what was going on. The doctor brough up there being an enmeshed relationship and even mentioned it was going to be a long process for all the damages that has been done.


Another interesting thing about my husband’s intake is that when he had to fill out paperwork, he noticed the insurance they had was not correct. Interesting, right? Especially because on February 6th, he gave the correct insurance for them to have and then notified the G.A.L., his ex-wife and even her lawyer about this. Yet, somehow between February 6th and my husband’s intake…it switched to hers. So, what did he do? He switched it back and made sure they took photocopies on the correct insurance. It’s crazy that this lady thinks she can still try to undermine him.


I look forward to seeing how this all plays out since my stepson and his mom want to claim that everything is still perfectly fine, and the issue is only his dad, my husband. But in reality, it never was about his dad. It is about a person who can’t seem to get certain things out of her head and believes all these lies she has created for herself, but really for her child to side with her in the end because of their enmeshed relationship. It’s really scary that anyone is okay with this child living with someone like this. I understand he might be safe there physically but not mentally or emotionally.


It’s been slightly over a year since he confessed to the colluding, and yet, they claim everything is perfectly fine. But as I have shared before, if things were perfectly fine, he would still be with us half the week and now of this colluding would have occurred to make my stepson the way he is today.


A year since he confessed….and he still doesn’t remember anything positive about anyone on my husband’s side of the family. How is that fine?

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