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Final Recommendations

Monday, February 5, 2024, came and sure enough we did hear from the Guadian Ad Litem. The G.A.L. sent over the Final Recommendations to my husband, his ex-wife, her lawyer and even Family Relations to review.  


One key point from the Recommendations:


“Pursuant to the recommendations from BEAN Behavioral Health, the parties' son shall immediately enroll in an Intensive Outpatient Program through the Joshua Center. Participation in said program shall be in person unless the Joshua Center personnel recommend otherwise. In the event the Joshua Center is unable to enroll the minor child in their program within one (1) week of these Recommendations being entered as a Court Order, then the parties shall work with the family therapist and the Guardian Ad Litem to select another IOP. Unless the parties agree otherwise in writing, the minor child shall remain in the Intensive Outpatient Program for so long as the Program requires, and he shall attend at frequency recommended by the Program.” 


It took a year, and though she still didn’t take all our evidence into consideration or interview those on the list, she did finally agree to my stepson attending Natchaug. And I say this because though she does list Natchaug, the first paragraph still states that the mother will still have primary residency.


Can someone explain to me why people would think he’s still safe in his mom’s care after the colluding? Am I missing something here?


Though he needs to attend an Intensive Outpatient Program, how can we guarantee it will work and be beneficial if at the end of the day he is still going back to his mother’s house?


Unfortunately, he can’t come back to us because of all the colluding and brainwashing, but is the only option really to keep him with the person that help make him the way he is now? How will that help him out in the long run?


On Monday, February 5, 2024, my husband’s ex-wife and him received a phone call/voicemail from their child’s school in regard to an incident that occurred in one of his classes.


On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, my husband called the school back to get more clarification as to what happened since his ex-wife didn’t state much in her text to me. He spoke to the Assistant Principal. She informed him that their son asked for a knife from one of his classmates in supposedly a joke about throwing it at the teacher/SmartBoard because of being frustrated with the class. According to the Assistant Principal, it did not seem to be a serious threat, but a threat assessment was performed by the school staff.


On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, my husband reached out to Natchaug and spoke with a woman from the office. She informed him that there is no current waiting list and if we were ready to start on our end they could do an intake assessment as early as Monday, February 12th and that their son could even start the program the very next day. The Behavioral Evaluation was brought up and they thought it would be helpful to have for review to understand their child’s medical needs.


On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, my husband shared all this information with his ex-wife, her lawyer, the G.A.L. and even Family Relations. He mentioned that he agreed with everything on the Final Recommendations and asked for consent to send over the Evaluation to the Joshua Center and if his ex-wife agreed with the Final Recommendations as well. His ex-wife never responded to the email. 


On Wednesday, February 7, at 9:37AM the school sent over a Release HIPPA form so they could work/communicate with the Joshua Center directly once my stepson started the Program.


On Wednesday, February 7, at 9:07AM a pretrial was schedule for the following Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, due to my husband sharing everything that had been going on. A trial normally doesn’t happen this quickly unless they see it as an emergency. And though my husband’s ex-wife never sees it as an emergency, the G.A.L and Family Relations saw it as an emergency after what my husband shared with everyone.  


Throughout the week though, my husband’s ex-wife stated to text him about Ben all of a sudden partaking in activities and having “play dates”. When my husband immediately shared this with me, I told him straight up that she is going to try to use that at the pretrial and claim that because of everything, Natchaug and anything else will just be a distraction. I’ve learned very quickly the type of person we are dealing with because of the types of accusations she would come up with.

Let's see how accurate I end up being on this.

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