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Falsified Child Abuse

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Temporary Legal & Physical Custody

No Visitation

Respondent may not remove the child or children from the State of CT.

Respondent may not interfere with Applicant’s custody of the child or children.

Respondent may not interfere with the educational program of the child or children.

On January 29, my son sent me a text to notify me that his dad hurt him at church. Ben relayed that his dad knelt on his belly, grabbed him by the hair and pinned him against a couch leaving bruises. He supplied me with pictures of the bruise on his belly. I notified the Family Relations Counselor who is involved with the general case management for the pending motion for modification of custody. She advised DCF and after initial investigation DCF recommended I proceed with an Ex-Parte application. I’ve been contacted by an Officer of Troop K and he indicated he would provide me with a letter stating there is a pending investigation which will permit me to prevent access with his father until further action is taken.

No actions have been taken to inform the respondent of this application, but the court should consider this application on an Ex-Parte basis for the following reasons: DCF worker is concerned about the Plaintiff’s mental stability and the Polic Department is Investigating the incident.

This was the next Ex-Parte we received, and we honestly couldn’t believe it because all the witnesses that were there during the time of the event would have said just like we did, it was a great day.

Would you like to know what really happened?

Six kids were having fun playing hula hoops and making myself and my husband prisoners. One of the younger girls is just so darn cute, that I made sure I was a good prisoner and sat with her and tried not to escape out of my hula hoop. If I did, she added more hula hoops around me. However, my husband had a different situation where everyone, including his son, had a blast trying to pin him down. He couldn’t escape. These kids were having a field day with him. One of the older girls asked me to start filming it because of just how much fun it was. They all wanted to remember the experience.

I thank God every day since for the oldest of the girls to ask me to start filming because if we didn’t have the video, my husband could possibly be in prison right now. Besides the 6 children, there were 3 other adults in the room helping clean up the church after service. But if you watched this video, then you would realize that nothing happened and even after the video shut off, nothing happened either.

We have all become very cautious to not really let my husband and his son be in a room by themselves, especially with the colluding going on and the false accusations being made. So, when they said we were down there much longer than the videos we provided, I had to remind them that it’s very hard to keep recording when there are two little girls that want me to twirl them around and give them piggyback rides, including asking my husband as well.

But the day was really great. You could tell my stepson enjoyed his time with his friends from church.

The problem was that my husband missed a call from Family Relations. What people don’t realize is he has two phones and a very busy work schedule during the day. And he’s like others that if he doesn’t know a number, he lets it go to voicemail.

Since he didn’t get back to her in a timely manner, and we even have proof that she ignored his follow up email, she the ex-parte be accepted. If these people really gave my husband a chance to speak, the trial wouldn’t have even happened. But because he missed the call, to some they probably just thought he was hiding and trying to avoid the conversation because he did commit the crime.

From what we heard from his mom, DCF, and the Police, my stepson told her he was in a lot of pain, yet after the hula hoop incident, he ran up the stairs and out the door to the jungle gym with the other two boys and then when it was time to go, he ran from the jungle gym to the car to try to beat us. On top of that, my stepson afterwards went to Youth Program with two other boys from the church where he also played soccer for 2 hours, yet he said he was in a lot of pain, but never looked it that whole day.

Truly, it’s sad that they had to get our church community involved when everyone there loved seeing Ben and all the kids loved to play with him. And what is sad is the CT Family Relations Department claiming they did their full investigation, when in reality, they didn’t even talk to any of us. Only the CT Police did who I showed ALL of evidence too. And I will get more into this next week when I talk about the hearing.

Interesting Fact about Bruises: Bruises take about 2 days to form on your body, so if his mom claimed that he got the bruises on Sunday when this “incident” happened, then really, they happened two days prior which would have been during his mom’s time.

When you get a bruise, you get a red mark on your body from where you got hurt. Then within 1-2 days the bruise will turn the black color. After 5-10 days the color of the bruise will fade to a green color, and by 10-14 days, the green color will start to fade.

In the end, everyone involved knew it was false and for once, I was going to take off work to testify. The mistake the opposing party made was letting me talk as much as I did on the stand.

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