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If the courts still don’t recognize that there is something wrong with a parent, others sure do.


Dating. Something that was bound to happen when you have a 14-year-old.


This has nothing to do with dating, but it’s how we found out my stepson did go on a date.


We’ve been needing tree service done, so my husband called an old friend that he knew. When he gave his first and last name, he questioned the last name, then asked who his son was again. When he asked if he was 14 and my husband said yes, that’s when he shared with him that his daughter went on a date with his son.


If you couldn’t tell, we heard about my stepson dating from…not his mother. To this day, she still has yet to message my husband in the co-parenting app that he went on a date with a girl. I feel like this is something important the other parent should know about, don’t you?


The date wasn’t anything fancy of course since they are 13 and 14. It was a simple coffee date.


From what we were told was that the mothers were there too. At first my husband’s friend couldn’t figure out the term his wife used and then it came to him. He shared with us that his wife thought my husband’s ex-wife was too (very) overbearing.


We found out though that was the only date they ended up having. They are still friends, but we questioned if it had to do with the fact that my husband’s ex was super overbearing during the whole date.


We also question, since we’ve known she has always been overbearing, what will happen the older he gets and the more he wants to date girls and maybe go on a date without his mom.


The one concern I have, as well as others, is that, will my stepson be able to really date a girl? Like without his mother constantly having to be over his shoulder? Because if not, then he pretty much will be in a relationship with his mother than the girl.


Once a new girl came into the picture back in 2022, that became a problem. That girl was me. It became a problem because he cared and loved me, and I was about to become his stepmom after 6 years of knowing him and his dad. So, will my stepson ever be able to really date? Or will his mom get jealous, like she did with me and even his own grandma, and continue to be overbearing so she can keep her possession?


Unfortunately, my stepson and his mom have a very unhealthy enmeshed relationship and no one in the courts seem to see it. Yet, those who deal with her on a more daily basis, do see the issues here. Since the courts don't see it though, it's not an issue.


All in all, it’s just very unpleasant the type of life they are living, and we are all still concerned for his well-being.


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