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Community Health

Community Health Programs can be very beneficial. They offer a wide variety of services for:


Child and Family

Substance Use

Functional Family Therapy – Foster Care

Housing Services

Primary Care and Services

Mental Health List Aid

And even Veteran Services


And though they can be very useful, it doesn’t help if they don’t get the full picture to help out their patient in whatever situation they are going through. We believe that my stepson’s new therapist had no idea what really happened. Even the co-parenting/reunification therapist questioned what he talked about as she was aware of the truth do to my husband giving her our summary. We also know the new therapist did not know everything because of an email exchange from my stepson’s Guadian ad Litem.


To start, I ended up sending an email to the therapist. Before anyone says anything, I am aware that I probably shouldn’t have because I am neither the mother nor father of the child. But at the same time, I was getting frustrated base on what we were finding out that this therapist didn’t know anything. So, I sent the therapist an email. It was nothing bad. It was just sharing the truth that my stepson and I had a wonderful relationship, and he once did love me before the colluding began. I was nice enough to add the Guardian ad Litem to the email, but that’s when the GAL responded back to me.


To summarize the GAL told me that she needs to review the emails first so she can filter out what isn’t necessary. I couldn’t believe it! Are you kidding me?? When I went back to my email, the only thing I could think of that she would filter out was all of it because everything I shared was IMPORTANT. So, was she trying to tell me that it’s not important for this therapist to know the truth about our relationship with my husband’s son? To this day, I still can’t get over that and that was one of the reasons why I sent it in the first place. It was a gut feeling inside. But isn’t the GAL supposed to do a full investigation? And isn’t everyone involved supposed to know what’s been going on? Why does it have to constantly be one sided?


I still question what my stepson has been telling everyone and if people really truly believe him. We know his original therapist believed him on things that weren’t true, including the child abuse EVEN AFTER we sent her all the evidence to show it didn’t happen either. She still believed it.


But things also never really got done as where my stepson went, it was always a revolving door of therapist coming and leaving. I can state that I’ve heard this from other therapists as well who know about the place my stepson went to. My stepson had two therapists in just a few months and the last time he weas with one was before Thanksgiving of 2023.


You want to know why it’s been so long since he has sat down with someone?


It’s because of Safety Plan #3. Third Safety Plan in his mother’s care since March of 2023.


This Safety Plan ties into the Co-Parenting Session that my husband and his ex-wife had the day before Safety Plan #3 was created.



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