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Behavior Specialist

Updated: Jan 7

Due to all the colluding that went on, my stepson shown signs of mental issues. And when he confessed to the colluding, no one seemed to care and no one seemed to want to bring him to Natchaug for help. It took 8 months after my stepson confessed that he sat down with a behavioral specialist.

At first, the women sat down with my husband and his ex and just that conversation was an interesting one. Why? Because yet again, my husband’s ex tried to deny everything going on while my husband would then step in with the truth. It helped a lot that we documented everything, so the behavioral specialist had the information prior. My husband’s ex even denied that abuse of her hitting her son. It might have been because her case wasn’t open to the public because of how the court dispositioned the case. But regardless, she still abused her child. And the argument escalated so much with this behavioral specialist that she had to stop the arguing and my husband’s ex had to admit the truth to this lady that she did hit their child. You could tell she didn’t want to. She never wants to admit to the truth because then she’ll look bad. But it’s how she’s been getting away with everything.

Once the parents sat down with the specialist, it was my stepsons turn. He was there for about 5 hours. Of course we don’t know what was asked, but the specialist did have an outline of the colluding. We hope she used some of it, but then again, we know for a fact the community health resource facility didn’t know about any of it or else they would have done more on their end for my stepson to not be with his mom. But like I’ve said, everything up to this point has been one sided. We were very hopeful about this evaluation especially if he ended up admitting to certain things or if the specialist noticed anything like my marriage and family therapist friend from Natchaug did of my stepson having an enmeshed relationship.

However, once the appointment was over, we found out that we would have to wait another 4-5 months for the results. My question is: what’s the point then? What’s the point of doing this if we have to wait so long? It almost seems as if they aren’t in a rush, but if they have all the evidence of what’s been going on, they shouldn’t wait that long. The reason they shouldn’t is because the longer things take, the more brainwashing ends up taking place. In this case, that is what has happened as we are now in December. 

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