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ANOTHER Status Conference

Today, Wednesday, January 17th, another status conference was held. I’m truthfully glad that my husband doesn’t have to attend these in person, and it is over ZOOM because just like all the others…they are pointless or a waste of time. Why? Because not much happens.


My husband shared with me that because of everything that has happened since the last status conference, the Judge decided that more people need to get involved now. I don’t know how many more people need to get involved if you just look at the evidence, we keep presenting. I can state that it didn’t help that the Judge was also sick, so who knows if she was really able to comprehend everything the G.A.L. tried to share. I know how I function when I’m sick.


because nothing happened, Family Relations now needs to be involved for a Pretrial. If nothing can be agreed upon during that time, then the Trial will still be set for March 6.


Though we wish we could be done with this already, it is good in a way that nothing was finalized as we are waiting for the behavioral results back. These results will reveal where my stepson is mentally and if he has OCD. 


So now, unless anything changes, we sit and wait for these results and wait for whenever Family Relations decides to schedule the Pretrial. 


We are hopeful that the results from the behavioral specialist will reveal things we 1. Already know and 2. Maybe something even new that will make these people in charge of the case realize my stepson needs the proper help and care.  

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