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3 Months...21 Days...12 Days...How Much Longer?

I’m not one to blog on a Saturday or a Monday, but sometimes something happens that it is compelling to share regardless of the day.


Early today we heard from my stepson’s G.A.L. We were wondering if we were going to at some point since it has been 21 days since she presented the recommendations, 12 days since my husband’s ex-wife verbally agreed to them, and 12 days since the ex-wife has wanted to sign off on anything. We figured she’s just trying to delay things to make irrelevant and she’s been good with doing that to a point. It's also been 3 months since he has last been with a therapist. A therapist that even 3 months ago recommended Natchaug.


This won’t be a long blog today, but I wanted to share that the G.A.L. will definitely get paid this month for doing her job. I think she might finally start to see how my husband’s ex-wife really is like.


To start, she did fully read the section about Natchaug. It stated that if their son couldn’t enroll in the program within 1 week, they would have to work together to find somewhere else. However, she wanted to change it to if he couldn’t enroll within 1 month.


So instead of trying to get things done immediately when it come to their son’s mental well-being, she wanted to delay things more. The professionals and everyone else see this as urgency, but the mother in this.  


Well, fun fact that she clearly doesn’t remember, but he could have had an intake back on the 12th and could have started the very next day. So, there is no reason to state within 1 month. That’s just trying to delay things even more. He could have been in this program for 2 weeks now, but again, we’ve been waiting on his mother.


Another interesting thing is, she started to see her therapist again back on 1/29/24 and supposed had another scheduled for today. Which how much colluding and lying she has done over the years to try to look good, I truly hope she is seeing someone to speak to and not just claiming she is.


The one thing I appreciated was how the G.A.L. handled the situation. She stated that how my husband shared with everyone that Natchaug had openings and their son could have been enrolled/evaluated within a few days to a week.


The G.A.L. then went on to say that several weeks have already passed since the recommendations were made, and a week and a half since even my husband’s ex-wife agreed for an immediate enrollment. She then declared that there was no reason why my stepson’s mother couldn’t have called by now to get the process going, especially given that the professionals say he needs this treatment immediately.   


I’m glad this G.A.L. put her foot down and did not cave to what they wanted to change. She also requested that my husband’s ex-wife lawyer inquires if she has reached out to Natchaug to set up an intake and if she hasn’t to find out why and when she plans to do so since there was a full agreement on that issue 12 days ago.  


Though, the G.A.L. still didn’t do her full investigation, we are happy with the results we are seeing here. Yes, my stepson’s mother agreed, so why hasn’t she signed the agreement yet? My guess… she’s trying to get out of it like she always has been able to. She very good at trying to present herself as a good mother and one who cares and she also good at making others seem they are the problem and the ones that have caused everything. But I really do think everyone is starting to see what she has and is currently doing to sabotage and neglect her son’s mental and emotional well-being.

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